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The Gadsden Community School for the Arts offers instruction in strings, woodwind, brass, voice, visual arts, and more.

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For your convenience, we’ve posted the necessary enrollment form online. You may fill it out and either save it and email it to gcsa@culturalarts.org or mail it to GCSA, P. O. Box 1507, Gadsden, AL 35902.

Class Schedule

Fall 2023
The 2023 fall semester begins Monday, August 14 and ends Thursday, December 7.

Spring 2024
The 2024 spring semester begins Monday, January 8 and ends Thursday, May 2. Registration for current students opens Monday, November 20. Registration for new students opens Monday, December 8.

A *$15 Non-Refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration to reserve a lesson time or position in a class or workshop. Instructor information is listed below along with their availability for class. Tuition is broken into four payments, due on the 15th of each month. Scholarships are available for those who qualify. For more information, please contact Susie Collins at (256) 543-2787, ext. 0 or frontdesk@culturalarts.org.

*The $15 registration fee is waived if the student is a member if the Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts. Become a member and save $15 per semester for
every class/lesson that is taken at the Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts.

Spring 2024 Course Listings

Diane Chong-Violin/Viola/Piano (Music)

Monday and Wednesday
$516/16-30-minute lessons ($129 monthly)

Susan DiBiase-Cello (Music)

Monday 12:00PM-4:30PM
Wednesday 2:00PM-4:30PM
$516/16-30-minute lessons ($129 monthly)

Bryce Anderson-Violin (Music)

Monday 5:00PM-7:30PM
$460/16-30-minute lessons ($115 monthly)

Carmine Di Biase-Violin/Viola (Music)

Wednesday and Thursday
$460/16-30-minute lessons ($115 monthly)

Terry Williams-Guitar/Ukulele (Music)

Wednesday 2:30PM-4:30PM
$504/16-30-minute lessons ($126 monthly)

Doris Day-Voice/Piano (Music)

Tuesday and Thursday
$516/16-30-minute lessons ($129 monthly)

Emmy Hengelveld-Bass (Music)

Contact for Availability 

Corey Butts-Guitar (Music)

Monday 5:00PM-6:30PM
$460/16-30-minute lessons ($115 monthly)

Danny Thomas-Woodwinds (Music)

Monday 6:30PM-7:30PM
Wednesday 5:30PM-7:30PM
$460/16-30-minute lessons ($115 monthly)

Keith Mayo-Trombone (Music)

Contact for availability.
$460/16-30-minute lessons ($115 monthly)

Ralph Whitfield-Trombone (Music)

Monday 5:00PM-6:00PM
Wednesday 4:00PM-5:30PM
$520/16-30-minute lessons ($130 monthly)

Carol Hill-Art, Drawing and Painting

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade
Tuesday 4:00PM-5:30PM
Sixth through Eighth Grade
Thursday 4:00PM-5:30PM
$72.00 per four lessons (supplies included)
Total cost per semester $288.00

Rachel Sherrod - Violin/Viola 

Wednesday 4:00PM-5:30PM
$460/16-30minute lessons ($115 monthly)
*not accepting new students*

Music instruction is also available in one-hour courses.

Please contact us for details.



Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts
501 Broad Street, Gadsden, AL 35901


(256) 543-2787

Extension 21


We’ll reply within 24 hours

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Instructor Information


Diane Chong – Violin

More Details

Terry Williams – Guitar

More Details

Susan Di Biase – Cello

More Details

Rachel Sherrod – Violin/Viola

More Details

Tony Robinson – Drum/Percussion Instructor

More Details

Danny Thomas – Woodwinds

More Details

Bryce Anderson – Violin/Viola

More Details

Carol Hill – Visual Arts

More Details

Richard White – Visual Arts

More Details

Corey Butts - Guitar

More Details

Keith Mayo - Trombone

More Details

Sharon Reynolds - Piano

More Details
Carmine Di Biase

Carmine Di Biase - Violin / Viola

More Details

Financial Aid

About Financial Aid

Thanks to a leadership gift from the Gadsden Cultural Arts Foundation and additional gifts from other donors, the School for the Arts is able to provide partial financial aid to needy students who meet a series of qualifications. Aid is available to present or future students in all programs of the school. In order to qualify, students must submit this form along with a copy of their family’s most recent tax form to demonstrate significant financial need. Since funds are limited, please be sure to apply early.

Families must apply yearly for financial aid. In order to be renewed, students must show commitment through attendance at all activities required in the program funded. After one semester, students with significant absences may lose support for the next semester at the discretion of the registrar. In general, financial aid will cover only partial tuition, and never covers registration fees and instructional supply fees or instruments.

Award Obligations:

  • Consistent attendance at lessons, classes, and/or ensembles.
  • Consistent practice and preparation for lessons, classes, and ensembles.
  • Positive evaluations from teacher.
  • Recipient must pay tuition bills not covered by financial aid.