Field Trips / Outreach

Imagination Place Children’s Museum would love to host your next class field trip or bring our programs to your site.

Programs Pricing

Field Trips Pricing

Outreach Programs Pricing

Field Trips Pricing

• Field trips

per child and include admission to Imagination Place and exhibits.

• Additional program(s)

each for each child in attendance.

• Parents

our regular price per person admission.

Outreach Programs Pricing

• Outreach programs

at your site are $4 per participant for the 1st program, $2 per participant for each additional program.*


• StarLab

requires an additional set up fee in addition to the price per participant above.


• Travel fees apply

$35 within Etowah County, $50 in counties contiguous to Etowah County, and $75 to non-contiguous counties.

*All the above pricing is for regular school day scheduling between 8 am and 3 pm. Extra fees may be added for after-school and summer programs. Please contact us for more details.

Admission coupons and special offers are not honored for field trips and groups. Teachers and bus drivers are free.

If you’re looking to spend more time in our area beyond your visit with us, we recommend you check with our partner, Noccalula Falls Park . They offer a beautiful park and waterfall, pavilions for lunchtime, a petting zoo, and miniature golf.

Booking Ways


(256) 543-2787
Extension 22

We’ll reply within 24 hours
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List Of Programs

Here is a list of all of our current programs that we offer to schools and other organizations as part of our field trips and outreach program. Take a look and give us a call today to schedule a program!


Who doesn’t love playing with bubbles? In this activity, students get their hands into some big bubbly fun! Become a bubble-ologist while learning about surface tension and more. You’ll even create a bubble print to take home! We’ll get messy so you don’t have to! *Please note that Bubble Fun is an outdoor activity in the Hardin Center’s courtyard. We will need to plan a backup activity for you in the case of inclement weather.


Suzy Sunshine is an energetic and fun character who will engage and teach your students through themed activities, fun songs, and interactive learning programs. Suzy Sunshine can also make a custom program geared towards the needs of your class. Every day is a Suzy Sunshine Play Day when you let your imagination shine!


We’ll turn the classic still life into scratch and sniff art. Your students will be amazed when the oranges really smell like oranges and the lemons smell like lemons!


Experience the Triassic, Jurassic & Cretaceous periods with this fun program that teaches students about dinosaurs through art, games, and literature! Students will develop a context for the study of dinosaurs, understand the differences in herbivores & carnivores, learn the differences in prominent features & their uses for different dinosaurs, and discover the world that the dinosaurs lived in, as well as how they have an impact on us today


How does recycling affect our every day lives? Learn and observe how long items take to disappear/disintegrate/degrade in a landfill and how we can do our part to reduce waste. Create a recycled necklace/bracelet out of newspaper and magazines.


This program teaches the concept primary colors! Using the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” students will make their very own caterpillars and ink blot butterflies to demonstrate that from the primary colors blue, red, and yellow, all other colors can be made!


Dish through the secrets of this delicious dessert while the kids make their own delicious ice cream. Discover the amazing, changing states of matter in this tasty experiment then eat the results.


Explore the world and origin of our country’s most popular confection. Children will learn about liquids and solids then compete for chocolate in a fun and informative trivia contest before creating their own chocolate masterpiece.


Gaze into an infinitely vast universe of stars and celestial bodies while learning basic astronomy, Greek mythology, and Native American folklore in our portable planetarium. The StarLab program is adjustable for any season of the year and can be programmed to suit all ages. For outreach, 400 square feet of space with at least a 12′ ceiling clearance is necessary.


Squish it, mash it, wedge it, slip it, coil it, understand it. Discover all the curious properties of clay, from where it comes from to what you can do with it and learn two simple techniques to make a pot that you will take home.


Join us as we burn money, pull eggs through glass beakers and more in this entertaining and educational science program. Your students will be engaged and amazed as they see scientific principles in action!


From thunder and lightning to tornadoes and hurricanes, weather affects us every day. Experiments like rainbow in a jar and shaving cream rain clouds will have children excited to learn about weather.


Compare and contrast, experiment, and satisfy your students’ curiosity with fun (and yummy) edible play dough! Squish, roll, sculpt, and mold: develop hand muscles so the littlest learners are ready to hold a pencil and write. Who knew playdough encourages language and literacy, science, and math skills-all at the same time!


Magnetic Slime: It’s slimy and magnetic! This activity invites your students to explore, play, and discover both slime science and magnetism. Children will learn that magnets attract objects made of metal. Students will discover and test different scientific laws and even find out where to find hidden magnets!


Students will learn about different animal habitats, each of which has distinct features and distinct plant and animal populations. Children will also learn about adaptation of animals and plants to their habitats.


Discover what makes up animal and plant cells in our newest STARLAB program. Designed for all ages, Biocell is a great addition to any class or science lab!


Choose a program from our Dr. Seuss series and your class will be able to enjoy hearing a story and have fun doing an activity:

Oobleck– Is it a liquid? Is it a solid? It’s both! It’s Oobleck! It’s the fun, slimy goo that keeps kids guessing!

Mulberry Street– Design your own street sign during this fun program. We celebrate with a party to honor Dr. Seuss’ first published book.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish– Decorate your fish bowl with painted handprints, bubbles, and more during this fun Seuss program.

The Lorax– Make your very own Truffula Tree while you enjoy this Seuss favorite! Green Eggs and Ham– We bring the Seuss kitchen to your classroom for some real green eggs and ham!

Horton Hears a Who– Make Horton Ear hats and take your very own Who home with you!

Cat in the Hat– Have fun answering trivia questions while stacking your own Dr. Seuss hat to snack on!

There’s A Wocket in my Pocket– Enjoy Seuss’s book of ridiculous rhymes featuring a little boy talking about what strange creatures live in his house, such as the Yeps on the Steps. Then make your very own Wocket.

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