Lorien Suárez-Kanerva: Visionary Geometries

June 14 to August 30, 2024

Lorien Suárez-Kanerva’s Visionary Geometries invites viewers to explore a mesmerizing intersection of geometric abstraction and spiritual vitality. Her intricate paintings merge color, light, and form with universal geometric principles. Suárez-Kanerva’s revitalizes abstract painting by infusing it with a profound spirituality, transforming it from an academic exercise into a dynamic, living art form.

Through disciplined brushwork and the use of geometric tools, her paintings achieve a sublime balance of precision and spontaneity. Suárez-Kanerva’s works not only celebrate the beauty of geometric patterns but also convey deeper metaphysical truths, inviting viewers to experience a range of sensations from delight to profound contemplation.

Visionary Geometries
showcases the artist’s masterful ability to blend material and immaterial elements, creating compositions that are aesthetically exquisite and rich in philosophical and spiritual meaning.

Lorien Suarez-Kanerva is a brilliant painter, with exquisite sensibility, a master of geometrical abstraction, each and every one of her paintings are aesthetic masterpieces, but more than that they restore abstraction to the spirituality it lost on the way to becoming what Clement Greenberg, the doyen of modernist abstraction, called an exploration of form—”

-Donald Kuspit
Whitehot Magazine 2024

“Such vitality stems from the artist’s capability, honed after years of experience, of keeping her process alive to spontaneity and improvisation. Lorien Suárez-Kanerva’s imaginative and creative impulses have been intensified by drawing upon what she knows, what she has experienced, physically and sensorially, as well as cognitively through her research and study.

Importantly, the artist has learned to allow a vision to take hold by attending in an uninhibited way through consciousness to what lies beneath normal everyday awareness. That vision integrates the materialistic and the immaterial while inferring the presence of metaphysical or transcendent truths that embody her actual physical artworks. Such impactful metanarratives suggest the presencing of worlds beyond language.”

-Dominique Nahas

Exhibition was organized through Katharine T. Carter & Associates

Gallery admission is FREE thanks to the support of the City of Gadsden, Alabama State Council on the Arts, the Daniel Foundation of Alabama, Exchange Bank, and Life Insurance Company of Alabama.


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